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All alien invasions are fake

There has been a long-standing plan to orchestrate and initiate a fake alien invasion, a pseudo-extraterrestrial assault on humanity. This sounds like a sci-fi movie, but I can assure you that your leaders, your military agencies, your scientific institutions, your intelligence agencies, some of these departments have been cooperating with extraterrestrials.

This knowledge has been well covered up and blocked from public access, but beyond those cooperative efforts there is a fake alien invasion scenario on the table. They want to fake an alien invasion so as to permanently prevent actual contact with benevolent interstellar races.

A fake alien invasion will pre-empt the arrival of the real interstellar people. And they have the technology, the willpower and the interest to pull off a staged series of extraterrestrial militarized assaults so as to further ensnare the people with an orchestrated series of attacks using back-engineered anti-grav crafts along with classified space technologies, the contact with the benevolent star cultures will be put on hold indefinitely.

* Adapted from the book, "The Alien Card"