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All alien invasions are fake

In order to prepare for this incredible scenario, I’d like to present a possible fake alien invasion strategy. This is based on my best information and takes into account the many variables. At this point, to my best information, they are planning to implement this alien invasion show soon.

The staged pseudo-extraterrestrial assault is a very good strategy because it accomplishes their goal for world domination. The general populace is unaware that real interstellar beings are here on the planet and are happy to keep their minds on the trivial things in life.

The clandestine groups have kept the Roswell Crash out of the spotlight for over 60 years. The UFO sightings are not of major media interest and the media outlets are very well censored to prevent any accidental release of UFO or ET truth.

It appears that finding the dissolution of the terrorist threat of the WTC attacks; with the approaching interstellar reconciliation; the rise of human awareness and the need to create a global enemy to keep society restrained; and with advanced classified technologies in their possession, based on these criteria (and more) there is a strong incentive to execute this mission.

The alien invasion mission will replace the global terrorist threat, it will become an Extraterrestrial Threat and the gloves will finally come off. Without any prior awareness, the general population will be caught completely off guard.