It started as the extraterrestrial. People from other worlds. Altruistic Star Beings. How wonderful. They came here to assist our development. There were cooperative arrangements. Transfers of technology. Scientific advisement. Extraterrestrials with benefits.

But the Shadow Government, the Cabal, decided against a proper Stelan disclosure. They wanted to create a second civilization, one aided by the aliens. Without the aliens knowing about it. So they invented the space monster and asked Hollywood to spread the evil alien myth. That also gave birth to the alien invasion.

Stelans not only brought technological and scientific ideas, they also brought the fundamental truth about the nature of reality. That it was manufactured. That we are living in a computer simulation.

Nature of Reality_Stelan Affairs


To prevent that revelation, the Cabal held fast to their space monster propaganda. They visited contactees, tortured them, and gave them false memories. They censored the UFO discussion in media while they distracted us with war, violence, chaos and terrorism.

What are we dealing with? We are being visited by Stelans, but we are not only afraid of Stelans we are also not allowed to talk about anything extraterrestrial. The Stelan Disclosure would expose the fact that we are living in a computer-generated reality. Because Stelans are not star beings. Stelans are reality technicians and engineers. Stelans manage the computer simulation.

But, the evil space monster myth and the UFO cover-up are preventing human beings from realizing the nature of reality. The Cabal remain hidden because they understand the computer-generated reality. They can reprogram aspects of the simulation in order to benefit their system of chaos and control.


To learn about the true nature of reality, we have to welcome Stelan people. To welcome the Stelans, we have to overcome the evil monsters in space. By dispelling the evil alien myth, we move past Star Beings and we get to meet the Stelans. By meeting the Stelans, we get to learn about the nature of reality.