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What do Stelan people look like?

It should be noted that some Stelan people appear completely human while others come in many shapes and sizes. Some common types: blue-skinned, short and nimble, feline, mantid, bird, reptoid, spider, robot, orbs. Their shape and size does not decide their benevolence. Ugliness is a human concept. Stelans can also manipulate their appearance. Some cultures will first appear in a pleasing form.

Why has it taken so long to make their presence known?

There had been signed agreements (eg the 1964 agreement) between human governments and Stelan groups that involved things like technology and knowledge sharing as a preface before a public disclosure. Different governments, societies, and global outfits have been involved.

Over the course of decades of abuse and delay tactics, these Cabal-controlled organizations did not follow through on their promises. Later, they used their alien technologies to attack the Stelans who had handed it to them. They also used these technologies on UFO researchers and activists to maintain the UFO cover up. As a result, society was denied the extraterrestrial truth.

What can humans do to protect genuine Stelan cooperation?

Vigilance and wisdom will be required. Perhaps set up Wise Councils to protect the interests of your societal groups. These Wise Councils (Elder Councils) should have a clear understanding of interstellar and interdimensioinal matters or have the ability to deal with such exotic issues. Remind yourself, be active in the Stelan Community, that there are cosmic cultures overseeing earth's shift. Familiarize yourself with the key issues and information. Get involved, share the truth, and expose all the disinformation agents. Listen to alternative thinkers.

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Why haven't these advanced races not landed on their own accord? Shouldn't they be responsible in making their presence known?

They've made their presence known to a select group of people across many centuries. Why not in public? Why not land and say, "Hi, we are here. Your government is lying. Here is the original iPhone." Well, mostly because Stelan culture does not act on those belief systems. There are protocols of engagement with lesser developed civilizations. Stelans are also technologically advanced. For example, they are more likely to adjust human DNA before appearing. But with heightened DNA, humans would become aware that they are here, so they wouldn't have to appear. There are many of these technological approaches that would precede a mothership appearing over a major city.

Who are earth's rulers? I thought governments, even secret governments (societies), ruled the earth?

The governments are installed to disseminate the will of the true rulers, the Cabal ("Master Controllers"). They act as the management between authority and society. The will of the government, any government, is the will of the Cabal. The Cabal, as you may have guessed, are ego-based Dark Stelans in human form, their minions and bloodline. Some of them have been around for thousands of years. They have operatives working in every major industry.

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Why did Cabal operatives interfere with Stelan activities?

Stelans are here to help the human civilization evolve to a more advanced level. That involves an awakening process. An awakened population would be able to free itself from the Cabal-controlled world. The Cabal do not like that idea.

What is a fake alien invasion?

Any invasion scenario involving or implicating offplanet races, extraterrestrial cultures as commonly understood, is a fake alien invasion. A combination of secret back-engineered ships and holographic ships along with military cooperation would be enough to execute this foolish plan.

Why don’t Stelans show themselves in plain sight more?

Seeing an interdimensional being creates a disassociation with the normal world and normal society. It has been shown over and over that a genuine visitation in plain sight creates a division in the human mind. The human mind begins to reject reality and at the same time cannot connect to the Stelan reality. At some point, as the life of the person begins to fall apart, the person begins to experience severe psychological stresses and their life is almost always compromised.

As well, the dark Cabal operatives often attack people who have been visited and further manipulate and magnify any mental distortions. This is why Stelans remain invisible for the most part, and work behind-the-scenes. Until society demonstrates the ability to manage the sight of an alien without going mad then this protocol will not change. Human beings can regulate the nature of the experience by putting aside fear and embracing truth.

Why do Stelans take human form?

There are many reasons for this. Stelans are here not only to assist human civilization, but also to serve the needs of reality and the planet. Sometimes they need a more personal contact with reality; they need to enter reality and if they entered as a, say, lion-faced humanoid, people would be scared to death. So they take the human form and no one knows any different.

This is a very ancient engagement process. It is also an effective method to prevent disturbing or distorting human perception and progress. There is a need to preserve the integrity of reality.

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