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Stelans are the advanced cultures who manage reality. They are engineers, supervisors, technicians, and programmers. “Stelan” (a derivation of “Star Being”) is decidedly more accurate than the military-Hollywood terms “alien” and “extraterrestrial”—and a better descriptive for advanced technologists. The term "Star Being" is also in use, but Star Being does not adequately convey the technological aspect of reality. Stelans have appeared here for millions of years, if measured. They come in any skin color and shape. Some Stelans are more advanced than others. There are Stelans that are a billion years ahead of the human civilization.

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Building Habitable Planets

Stelan engineers, having supra-advanced knowledge in planetary construction, built habitable planets, such as the earth. In some cases, planetary architects rehabilitated dead planets and converted them into a livable rock space. Stelans are skilled in building planetary atmospheres, developing and managing ecosystems, engineering and evolving new species, even in orbital physics.

Once a planet has been built and completed, that is when it is designated as a new colony destination. Often, these planetary systems are farmed out to interstellar management councils. It may feel odd to think that someone owns a planet, but any time someone builds something there is an owner. In this case, the scale is much larger than we have been accustomed to, but that is because the interstellar discussion has been deeply suppressed.

The Earth-Colonizing Handbook

Stelan Colonization

Migrations of people from offplanet (various worlds and dimensional designations) to the earth took place via interplanetary colonists, a group of advanced "human-looking" races that did not originate from this solar system, or even any known dimension. Some cultures came from neighboring planets in this solar system. It is hypothesized that all human cultures migrated to this planet (likely a mix of proto-DNA, animal and non-animal embryos, or fully intact peoples, colonists, immigrants, refugees, as examples), later becoming distinct cultures, tribes, and nations.

Additional diaspora were transplanted here over the millennia. Some cultures died off. Some left. Sometimes interplanetary refugees were taken in on a temporary basis. There are cultures on the earth today that were transplanted here by Stelans, but because they look human or live in obscure regions, they are indistinguishable from other races. To this extent, humans are not indigenous to this planet. Further, the latest generation of humans, because of genetic engineering, are becoming more and more like their Stelan ancestors.

The Simulation

Lately, Stelans have become more involved in human progress, using inoffensive and natural ways to educate and better society (eg medical discoveries, provocative nonfiction books, technological innovation, new music). Both humans and Stelans are expected to reconcile their differences in the near future. One of the chief reasons why Stelans have not landed openly, aside from all of the military and political discussions, is because a public landing would force the true nature of reality upon an unprepared civilization.

This is a very new concept. But, it is important.

See, the arrival of a mothership would not only reveal the people on the mothership, but, more importantly, would reveal that we are living in a computer-generated reality. While the former is something we can manage, the latter is far more difficult to process. So, it is not only the colonization and genetic engineering or the presence of Stelan cultures, but it is also that human beings are living in a manufactured reality. That is to say, the blue sky is where the computer simulation ends.