The Earth Colony Evolution Star Being Remnants
Star Settlers


The First People arrived on an interplanetary transport. Those early colonists built outposts. As more settlers landed, they built villages and cities, on and under the surface.

The Earth Colony hypothesis is being presented in a unique collaboration with a group of ancestral races. Early settlers arrived here 160 million years ago. This is an early phase of introducing lost information to the surface population (ie humans). Human history has been redacted (selectively erased) and this has led to an improperly educated civilization.

The human civilization was preceded by other civilizations, all of whom originated from more advanced cultures. Some of these cultures looked very human and they are our ancestors.


This may not sit well with current human history. But this is our approach. It is based on our best research thus far. The First People arrived on interplanetary transports and star cruisers. Some of these early races looked human, some were humanoid, some looked like one of the Hindu gods.


The very first "human" originated from offplanet. The human genome is not unique to this solar system. In fact, human DNA can be found all over the universe. And since DNA is easily stored, it can easily be kept in a biology lab.


The fact that this planet has been educated to believe that "humans are the most intelligent species in the universe" is evidence of propaganda. This propaganda was orchestrated by those groups that are fully aware of the true history of this planet and the other cultures in outerspace. But, this lie has been ingrained in human culture and will not be easily sifted out.

Over millions of years, the human genome (ie genetic material) has been edited and improved. This was done in order to biologically acclimate a life form that is suitable for the local ecological and atmospheric conditions.


Immigration and settlement has been taking place for at least 160 million years. Some early cultures have left. Some cultures died off, or were wiped out. Some cultures stayed. Some cultures abandoned the Earth in favor of a more hospitable planet, especially during times of cultural strife. They moved to other planetoids in our solar system.


Ganesha, Hindu deity, 7th century sculpture (Vietnam)


Youthful Hercules, 1st century (Rome)

Along the timeline, we've see civilizations come and go: empires rose and fell. While we like to think of them as "human," their origins are offplanet. We've also seen the return of more advanced interstellar cultures and they've left their imprint on the planet.

Colonization is not without its challenges. When war-like cultures landed, they used aggressive tactics to build their borders. Genocide is a very old military strategy. With such a long colonization period, and with so much lost information, the people in the 21st century must come to terms with this knowledge.