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The "evil alien" is a composite space monster that was invented in the movie industry, a place where military and intelligence agencies have good access. The Stelan is any person whose origins and genetics are offplanet. People who are afraid of "aliens" are afraid because they've been brainwashed by anti-alien propaganda, which has distorted reality and smeared Stelan races. People who look forward to meeting Stelans have overcome the brainwashing. They don't believe there's an evil alien agenda or a plan for an alien invasion; instead they likely have intermittent contact with Stelan cultures. While the Dark Stelans do exist, they are in the minority. What is missing is a proper representation of altruistic extraterrestrials.


The North American box office for alien-themed movies is worth billions of dollars, with blockbuster movies leading the market. Anti-alien films include "War of the Worlds," "Independence Day," "Predator," and "Prometheus." On the more balanced space stories, we have seen "Star Wars: The Force Awakens" and "Guardians of the Galaxy," both of which will see sequels; and the upcoming "Avatar" franchise movies. What should be noted is that UFO researchers are not usually consulted for these films, and if so, they are experts in disinformation.


Recall that the government and space, military, and intelligence agencies have all stated unequivocally that "aliens do not exist." The blockbuster movies, costing more than $100 million apiece, present an alien space monster that has the following characteristics: mass murderer mentality, genocidal maniac, serial killer from space, the necessity to destroy the Earth, and is almost always ugly.

These films are made in coordination with the government and space, military, and intelligence agencies.

In other words, the same people who are covering up aliens are discriminating against them using entertainment. But if we've never had contact with aliens, how do we know what they look like or what they want or what they will do?


According to our research of 250 alien-themed movies ("Hollywood Aliens," P. Tosen) between 1950 to 2012, we found the following:

75% have a main plot involving an evil alien invasion
91% depict the aliens as evil (psychotic, genocidal, or as lunatics)

Just to give you an idea: the incarceration rate of America is 3.1% (2009). That's the highest rate in the world. That means that 97% of America is not evil. How is it that 91% of aliens are evil? And that is even before we have met them.

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