The Cabal Cabal Violations The 1964 Agreement MILABS


A shadow cartel that controls the world (1). On February 20, 1954, Stelan representatives had a meeting with US President Dwight Eisenhower in southern California. Not surprisingly, the "extraterrestrial concern" was foremost on the minds of the Cabal-heavy Bilderberg Council meeting on May 29, 1954. The Bilderberg Council is made up of probably 150 global power elites, people who basically agree on the direction of the planet. Cabal operatives exist in all media, science, government, military, intelligence, academia, banking, entertainment, agriculture, and many other industries. These operatives execute the will of the master controllers at the highest levels.


They do not wear badges. You know them if they disseminate the global narratives rooted in fear, censorship, chaos, corruption, and perpetual animosity. Any narrative that disempowers society is likely under their orchestration or implementation. These narratives impede the course and evolution of the human civilization.


The Cabal is responsible for cover-ups, distortion, distraction, and misdirection (2). They actively foster conflict to destabilize society, creating political, religious, and economic animosity between different groups of people. The Cabal is good at inventing artificial turmoil that makes great news events. They ostracize, ignore, crucify in the media, or remove individuals that threaten to change the narrative. They are sequestering and covering up all Stelan (extraterrestrial) agreements, visitations and communications to prevent public access. For example, you cannot discuss extraterrestial issues on mainstream media. At all. That is censorship.


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