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The disinformation campaign against the UFO community is wide-ranging and pervasive. One of the lesser-understood tactics is the employment of fake alien groups and federations such as the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and the Andromedans. These fake aliens are creations from the clandestine intelligence community (eg CIA, NSA) who have studied UFO lore and UFO contactees and then, using cultural profiles, have created composite races that simulate authentic interstellar cultures.

These fake aliens have taken on a cult-like mentality and those who have survived the other malicious tactics (eg space monster movies, crop circle propaganda, cattle mutilation paranoia, fake abductions and routine brainwashing) have enthusiastically taken refuge in false alien federations and galactic alliances.


Human logic is straight forward. A person from Hawaii is a Hawaiian. A woman from New York is a New Yorker. A man from Calgary is a Calgarian. One who practices law is a lawyer. One who writes is a writer. But, Stelan logic is not straight forward. For one, they don't speak English. Two, their languaging systems did not evolve as did human language. Three, they are not human. So, when you say that a person from Arcturus is an Arcturian or a man from the Pleiades is a Pleiadian, you are immediately telling everyone that you practice "human logic." That means that you are human. That means you are a fake alien. And now you can identify them.


An authentic Stelan can be millions of years more advanced than a human. Their thinking would be on a level that is well beyond human thinking. If Albert Einstein was an advanced human being then a Stelan would (probably) be ten-times (10x) Einstein. Any alien race that doesn't even match Einstein is a primitive alien race, and a primitive alien race is human. These human groups are not particularly advanced thinkers and good manipulators. Also, some humans are hybrids and work for agencies. They can mimic some Stelan abilities and can fool average people.

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Fake aliens have a poor understanding of basic astronomy. Human astronomy and alien astronomy are different. What humans call the Andromeda Galaxy is not what the Andromedans call it. For example, the Andromeda Galaxy has one trillion stars and billions of planets. Unless the Andromedans own "the entire galaxy," they likely originate from a particular star system or set of planets. Their planetary system would have a name and that name wouldn't be Andromeda. Why? Because a) aliens don't speak English and b) their home world is a system within the galaxy. You might argue that there are one or two races that do share our astronomical terms, but not all alien races would share the human system. Astronomy can help to identify fake aliens.


If the Andromedans are named after an entire galaxy then the Arcturians (another composite race of fake people) are named after a star. Arcturus is an orange giant star in the constellation of Boötes. And if astrophysics are still in working order then the surface of a star is pretty hot, and unlikely to sustain life.


The Pleiadians come from the Pleiades, a star cluster of nine stars. They opted out of the single star origin like the Arcturians and decided that they originate from nine stars (or 7 stars). In comparison, human beings live in the Solar System with one star (Sun), in a galaxy of 200 to 400 billion stars, and inhabit a lone planet called Earth. Humans do not call themselves Solarians, nor do they refer themselves as the Milky Wayans. There are also Draconians, from a constellation (Draco), and the Zetas, from a binary star in the constellation of Reticulum.


The more advanced discussion has to do with the nature of reality. We are living in a computer simulation. What that basically means is that there are no stars and galaxies per se. Instead, there is a giant computer. A proper alien would know that and would never say, "I come from this star." Because there are no stars. The better definition of a Stelan is a "reality technician" or "reality engineer." But this is a much more complicated discussion, and, fake aliens would not know this.