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Hollywood Aliens


Since 1951 we've gone from starman to star monster. And "War of the Worlds" (1953) was the game-changer. It rewrote the rules on alien engagement. There were no rules of alien engagement. There were no rules before 1953. They didn't know how to make the rules. Extraterrestrial races had already been talking to President Eisenhower. But the Roswell crash (July 8, 1947) changed things. The National Security Act was signed by President Truman on July 26, 1947 (18 days following the incident), as a response to unintentional disclosure regarding the government's close cooperation with offplanet races.

Why Invent A Space Monster?
  • To prevent any meaningful cooperation between humans and Stelans.
  • To prevent Stelans incarnated as humans from fulfilling their mission objectives.
  • To prevent the disclosure of the true nature of reality.
  • Stelan protocol for engagement with another civilization requires the absence of fear and hate. If fear and hate are present then engagement is reduced or postponed.
  • CIA and NSA cooked up the alien space monster. Later, after audiences were brainwashed it became a source of profit, and a good excuse to continue the trend.
  • Hate propaganda that looks like entertainment; therefore no one can decode the true intention of the ongoing agenda.
  • Malicious delay and postponement of any transfer of advanced technological devices (eg antigrav propulsion systems) and scientific knowledge.
  • The monsters in space also deters space exploration and investment because human beings are subsconsciously uncertain (and afraid) of space.

Alien Movie Propaganda

So in 1953 the CIA and NSA (all set up in the 1947 National Security Act), working through Hollywood instruments, brought the alien space monster to life. "War of the Worlds" set the standard for alien movies. That's why 91% of the 250 alien movies produced since 1950, the alien races are all genocidal maniacs, mass murderers, lunatics, or serial killers (1). Aside from a handful of movies, which portray the alien race objectively, audiences were subjected to anti-alien propaganda. Newer films still promote the space monster propaganda, only with (perhaps) better screenwriting.

If audiences knew that many alien movies are written and produced, indirectly and directly, by Cabal intelligence operatives, would they still see these films as entertainment? What constitutes a fair alien film? A film that portrays an advanced culture with a keen sense of objectivity, even showing aliens with positive characteristics, and with an advanced culture that has been interacting with human culture for thousands of years. We are not alone in the universe.

Who invented aliens?

The terms "alien" and "E.T." were created by militarists, intelligence analysts, and Hollywood producers to denote "monsters from space" and "evil alien" races that were against humanity. Alien movies later were used as propaganda to demonize advanced cultures and to deter any meaningful conversation with the true ancestors of the human civilization. The alien space monster also created a psychological barrier to understanding the true nature of reality.

Although some Stelans in the past had mixed dispositions and were not interested in human progress, their numbers were small and their influence limited. Many of the aggressions against benevolent Stelans today originate from these early negative and egotistical groups and societies set up by discriminatory nonhumans, often dressed up as high-profile (elite) humans. Elitism is a condition of highly egotistic offplanet cultures. While the group is small, they can run the world because they occupy the highest positions, they look human, and they hold the most amount of wealth.

Human interactions with Stelans in the modern era has been mixed. While the Cabal's clandestine and military activities, combative and non-combative, have been ongoing, there has been progress across other aspects of society, especially since 2006, including areas of technology, medicine, and activism. Stelan races represent very diverse cultural groups, each with their own particular interests and associations, that is, they are not all angelic. The idea of an angelic race vs. space invaders is really a Hollywood invention (and has falsely convinced many people to be true) and is not based on the cultural diversity present.

1. Based on the research of Paris Tosen, detailed in his book "Hollywood Aliens." Also found in "The End of the Extraterrestrial."