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The characteristics of Stelan people are not easy to quantify and that's because they've been around for much longer than we realize, and human culture has been influenced in many profound ways. In many cases, abilities and talents are latent ("temporarily shut off"), having been suppressed for many years. The usual protocol for incarnation involves some level hobbling so that the individual can successfully experience the life they had chosen.

These behaviors and thinking applications are worth considering:

  • Extremely sensitive to emotions and negative energy
  • Does not have the full spectrum of social skills; tends to be conservative; shy
  • Altruistic in manners, cares about others even if they are wrong; loving; easily forgives; unusual trust issues
  • Has a multidimensional mindset, tends to believe in fantastical ideas and has been visited by genuine star beings; been onboard starships; draws outlandish beings from another dimension
  • Does not believe in a traditional marriage, and may not want children
  • May have nontraditional approaches to gender
  • Does not believe in a traditional religious ideology, often creating their own hybridized spiritual belief system; atheist
  • May speak (or write) other languages that are not found on the planet
  • Has latent or active talents such as healing abilities, telepathy, invisibility and camouflage, teleportation, even high levels of wisdom; may hide these abilities or be afraid of having them
  • Has any kind of advanced ability in science, technology, invention, or cultural activities