The Cabal Cabal Violations The 1964 Agreement MILABS


By the 1950s, an agreement became necessary for Stelans to service the planet and its people. The shooting down of ships and the hostile environment raised the terms for an understanding. Without an understanding, Stelans would have considered withdrawing from this planet, which was a Cabal goal and would have led to a planet with a shortened future. The conflicts culminated in a secret meeting in London in 1961 between Stelan representatives and four earth government representatives. An agreement was ratified on April 14, 1964 (1).


  • Restrictions on proximity of starships from surface
  • Motherships could not be in the visible range. Scout ships needed to alert military for low-earth flights
  • Scientific and technical assistance in energy physics, antigravity, and genetics including detailed workings of starships
  • Provisions of genetic samples of Stelan races and how to discern their energy-signatures
  • Identification of Stelans incarnated as humans, prior to 1964, and after 1964
  • Indentification of humans who have been genetically upgraded, prior to 1964, and after 1964
  • Non-interference in religious institutions
  • Non-interference in government, institutions, and commerce


  • Advanced technology sequestered by Cabal scientists, back-engineered and developed into secret advanced weaponry
  • Advanced weaponry used to engineer weather and to create artificial earthquakes
  • Advanced weapons combined with devices to detect Stelan signatures to track, capture and kill Stelans
  • Weapons used to shoot down starships (When questioned, Cabal blamed shoot-downs and weather tragedies on mistakes)
  • Targeting of Stelans incarnated as humans and activated persons on surface to destabilize, torture, and send off mission with extreme prejudice
  • Increase in anti-alien propaganda disseminated through Hollywood alien movies, as well as media censorship on meaningful UFO and ET discussions
  • Increase in global vaccination programs, and other pharmaceutical programs (eg antidepressants, painkillers) to stem off the tide of genetic activations done by Stelan groups
  • Advanced carbon-neutral fuels and free energy propulsion systems purposely stifled and shelved; fossil fuels given market dominance, consumers put to sleep by media propaganda


  • Using psychotronic devices to beam voices and thoughts into people's heads to instigate terror and instability, also to destroy families and careers
  • Deploying climate weapons capable of creating artificial earthquakes and hurricanes, this was later used to perpetuate "Climate Change" hoax
  • Directed energy weapons that are capable of disintegrating large amounts of matter, leaving no fingerprints
  • Development of antigravity space fleet (since 80s); ships capable of reaching the moon in 15 minutes. Other ships have traveled outside solar system
  • Splicing extraterrestrial genes into human DNA to create hybrid humans and super soldiers
  • Identifying humans visited by Stelans for the purpose of making Cabal follow-up visits including abduction, drugging, sexual molestation, torture, and implanting false memories
  • Sequestering extraterrestrials from crash wreckage and back-engineering technology into commercial devices
  • Creating and releasing newly-invented biological weapons in order to lessen the chance of a growing population or to improve the need for a vaccine that will cripple DNA functions

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