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If everyone does what they are supposed to do, then everything that was supposed to get done, gets done.

Stelans have been around to advise and educate those who in previously lives were themselves Stelans ("Star Beings"), but have incarnated as humans in this life. These people have come to the earth with a purpose and mission and they often need guidance and assistance to fulfill their obligations.

A "mission on earth" is very important for spiritual growth and ascension and failing that mission could result in a cycle of unnecessary reincarnations. A mission is also a contribution to human evolution and a failed mission could have a negative impact on humanity.


  • Acknowledgment by Stelan authorities
  • Give support and advanced knowledge during their earthly incarnation
  • Help individuals identify and fulfill their personal mission on earth
  • Assist genetically-upgraded individuals in awareness and development
  • Provide protection and assistance during times of threat and danger


When Stelans had negotiated with the Power Elite in the 1950s and 1960s (1), part of the agreement included a near-future Public Disclosure. The public would be told that some members of society were Stelans (Star Beings) in previous lives and had elected to incarnate as a human. Those individuals could then seek out the necessary advice and guidance. But, the Cabal interrupted the disclosure. Permanently.

The Cabal also targeted humans who were Stelan reincarnates. They did everything they could to sabotage their lives, to throw them off the path, to muddle their mission, and to brainwash them, even sending people into wrong relationships, drug addiction, and bad careers. Some people were led to their early death without ever knowing they had a mission. For the most part, these "reincarnates" have gotten old without having had a proper chance to fulfill their objectives. This causes a ripple effect in their incarnation cycle due to bad karma and unfinished contracts, and likely requires a reincarnation.


Without a proper understanding of the nature of reality and with people still immersed in religious ideology, it is difficult to have a full discussion on this topic. For one, it involves reincarnation as a fact. People who believe in past lives are usually reincarnates. Two, it involves coming here with a purpose. Some people feel that. Some people think it has to do with God. It could have to do with the fact that in a previous life you were a Stelan (Star Being).

People who believe in extraterrestrials are good candidates. Again, some of your thinking may contain disinformation. Some people have been attacked or nudged into living the wrong life (because your identity might be known by Cabal operatives). You know if you have been attacked. But you also have protections as you go along. This situation may take some fixing. With so many distractions and distortions, most reincarnates are a little off the mark. But if you are a reincarnate, you have friends on the other side of reality.


A reincarnate is not here to save the world. They might feel that, they might believe that, but that is because of the distortion and watching too many movies. A Stelan incarnated as a human is here with a purpose. That purpose is usually to contribute to society in some measurable way. But that could involve any career and in any industry. It can be big or small. It can be playing the role of a celebrity to being a single mom.

A reincarnate should approach life with the sense that there is no "better life." This will differ from the Cabal propaganda. The idea is if everyone fulfills their mission then the combination of those activities will lift the frequency of the planet. There is no need to be a superhero. There is no singular savior (more propaganda). Just to figure out what exactly you came here to do. Remember your incarnation contract. It starts with realizing that your previous life might've been offplanet.

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