The Cabal Cabal Violations The 1964 Agreement MILABS


  • Shooting down starships, capturing the crew, and torturing them for information (1)
  • Sequestering and back-engineering extraterrestrial technology, handing it out to major corporations for turning it into viable commercial products
  • Keeping extraterrestrial POWs in subterranean installations for the purpose of milking information and advanced scientific concepts
  • Incapacitating or murdering people who are considered adversaries or threats to a sleeping and controlled population
  • Harvesting the life energies of magic ritual victims
  • Sexual and psychological abuse of children on a global scale
  • Obstruction of earth's ecological and environmental systems
  • MILABS raping and brainwashing of fake alien abduction victims
  • Suppression and distortion of information leading to mental, emotional, and spiritual turmoil
  • Rampant disinformation campaigns in pharmaceutical, food, science, and extraterrestrial industries
  • Impoverishing nations and cultures through the manipulation of government policies and economic disbursements
  • Collapsing regions of interest and plunging them into violence, unrest, and military warfare


  • Limits to contact with US military or government officials
  • Safeguards put in place to prevent information falling into Cabal hands
  • Direct advice and consultation with high-minded people and non-Cabal affiliates
  • Working with reincarnates, assisting them on their mission work

Since 2006, Stelans have been directly working with moral and humane individuals, a sharp reversal of previously working with Cabal-leaning types. This has led to a slow and methodical devolution of Cabal global power elite (2). But, these efforts have also accelerated Cabal attempts to consolidate power and get rid of any perceived threats. Over the last 10 years there have been many geopolitical shifts as well as shifts in science, technology and spirituality. Overall, the direction of the planet is in a much better position than in previous years, although the Cabal influence is still in play because most people do not realize who has hijacked their planet.


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