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Stelan society is divided into three basic types: Activated, Hybrid, and Authentic. Each of these types can be further explained in terms of genetic spectrum, level of activation and extent of awareness. For example, Activated persons will differ according to their degree of activation, and the differences can be significant. Read more about improved evolution here.

In general:


An Activated person has received some level of genetic-alteration over the course of their lives. This may have included genomic modification while in the womb followed up by periodic alterations during childhood, or even in adult life. A genetic-alteration is less obtrusive and less offensive than has been portrayed in mainstream films and books. As well, because Stelan visitations and interactions are sequestered by the military and censored in the media there is often much confusion, anger, and resentment surrounding these activities.


A Hybrid has a mixed genomic spectrum, comprised of both human and Stelan genes, at various levels of activation. A Hybrid may have been born via a biological mother on the planet and they may have been born offplanet (having mixed DNA), for example on a mothership. A Hybrid has a closer relationship to nature, can be sensitive to energies and emotions, and can also have heightened abilities, both latent and active. Hybrids may find themselves less connected to the planet, human society, and typical goals in life. They may belong to small groups, choosing alternative lifestyles and having strange ideas that contradict the typical and traditional.


An Authentic is basically a person not originally from this planet. They look human because they have the human genome, that is to say the human genome is found on other planets in the universe. An Authentic is a Stelan person. Stelans naturally gravitate to living authentic and meaningful lives, often having a higher sense of purpose, they do not necessarily follow tradition, and find validation in simple pleasures. Some choose activism and charity early on in life. Some choose celebrity and financial abundance. But all occupations can be represented.