The Earth Colony Evolution Star Being Remnants


Over millions of years, the planetary conditions changed. The settlements too had evolved. As a standard protocol, the evolving human species was genetically upgraded and engineered as and when required. This has led to a genetically superior human being.


Human evolution began in a gene editing lab. Likely aboard a starship, or located in a secure subterranean facility, staffed with the best astrogeneticists who are masters when it comes to DNA. This is where the human genome is tweaked and refined, and it's happened without anyone noticing.


Human beings can be modified at different stages of their growth. It is common to modify DNA on more than one occasion.


At the earliest stage, the human embryo is modified while still in the womb. Gene sequences can be added or edited accordingly. Because a child shares a mother's DNA (mDNA), the mother's DNA may also be modified. The mother will have no memory of this.


Sometimes when a certain genome signature is required, the astrogeneticists will engineer the DNA in the lab and then will use fertilization techniques to implant the intended mother. The mother's memory will be adjusted so that there is no conflict between mother and child.


After a child is born, their DNA will be periodically adjusted, either by a local visit or on board a starship. Given the current state of openness about offplanet cultures, these visits are usually undetectable though the child may later recall some of their experiences.


Memory is often adjusted so as to prevent any rejection and to ensure the safety of the family member since not everyone can accept these medical procedures. Given the true origins of human DNA, it is expected that Stelan scientists look after their genetic offspring. The anti-alien propaganda and global media blackout have delayed this information from being explained to society.


The evolutionary cycle of the human race has been periodically improved and upgraded. There are many scientific reasons for this including the fact that DNA degrades over time (eg inbreeding), certain DNA viruses could damage the encoding of proteins, as well as to circumvent genetic diseases.