The Earth Colony Evolution Star Being Remnants


Stelans were here first. And there are ancient and modern remnants of their presence. While the ancient remnants have recently seen more attribution to ancient aliens, the modern remnants are largely seen as human inventions. The ancient and the modern share similar origins.

Martial arts and acupuncture are still practiced today. The pyramids in Egypt, and now the world, remain a mystery to this day. Traditional clothing, customs, and rituals are found throughout the world. These are the remnants of Stelan visitors.

But it didn't stop in the past. The scientific method was introduced in the 17th and 18th century. The results today are microwave ovens, air conditioning units, microchips, televisions. We even have wrist watches, dentistry, and the surgical procedure. The mobile phone in your pocket is a Stelan invention, transmitted to human society through telecommunication makers (Stelans invented wireless radio networks). These inventions may not appear alongside a spaceship, a movie concoction; nonetheless humans worked alongside Stelans in their creation.