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You may think that Stelans are entirely new. We're here to tell you that Stelans were here first. Before humans. Before everything. If reality is manufactured, Stelans run the engineering and human relations departments, and other departments. These reality professionals come in different shapes and sizes. They've been called a lot of names in the past. And they are still here. Assisting human evolution.

The human civilization needs to ascend into a more advanced form of living, with more advanced technological and spiritual tools, in order to survive into the future. Problem, the planet was hijacked centuries ago and that Cabal has other plans.

Delusion Stars


The process is...well, complicated. The topics are also suppressed, controlled, and censored. As society becomes more familiar with this information, more details will be released. We need to (eventually) move away from the extraterrestrial hyperbole (which is disinformation) and get into the nature of reality. That's the direction and there's a lot to talk about.

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