As we are friends with a wide variety of advanced nonhuman cultures, Stelans, we are also aware of quite a number of factual inconsistencies, rampant extraterrestrial deceptions, and prolific UFO denial syndrome. That said, our view is that Stelan races have been unilaterally demonized on purpose. Their image and culture has been woefully smeared across the planet using a concoction of kindergarten propaganda techniques. We universally reject these false accusations, observations, and notions; and we ask that should any of these evil caricatures be true (eg cattle mutilations), the evidence of such claims should be presented in a professional manner. If some UFO journalist/expert/guru claims that cattle have been mutilated by ETs then that individual should present the evidence (eg fingerprints, photographs). Any isolated case should be kept in isolation from all interstellar races, unless it can be established that all the aliens were somehow implicated.

Stelans have been perennially attached to some invented and faked alien-themed false-flag invasion since at least 1938. If any agency, individual, media, institution, forces, or group should state that an evil alien race might one day invade earth and that the military agencies would need to defend humanity, then those peoples should supply evidence to establish a) how is it that aliens are evil (having never met them and having no case histories), b) the specific gains that the evil aliens would achieve by an invasion (considering that there are billions of other-earths in the universe with plenty of resources), and c) why in 1,000s of years no such event has ever taken place and has no biblical documentation, as examples.

Genuine Stelans do not run websites, unless in human form. Should a Stelan in human form run a website, for example, they will provide their legal name, a recent photograph, and will not be peddling disinformation. Websites that claim galactic or extraterrestrial status without proper identification cannot be considered authentic and are most likely attached to some CIA or NSA-related office or suboffice. Our Stelan friends do not have websites or 1-800 numbers. Advanced races are considered advanced because their technologies are far beyond the constraints of the internet. For example, Stelans are gifted with telepathy. Telepathy is faster than email and cheaper than a phone call. Why would a Stelan launch a website when they can telepathically achieve their goals?

We have found an enormous amount of misappropriated ideas and beliefs in the UFO field -- disinformation perpetuated by CIA-backed remote viewers and self-proclaimed experts with "insider" information. For example, a genuine Stelan would not need to use a metallic instrument to probe anyone since they are universally capable of nonlocal scanning. Probing is entirely attributed to misguided human agents who have molestation proclivities. If you have ever been probed by an alien, it was not an alien. It was a sexually-distorted life form. (As with any human nation, there is a small percentage of Stelans (say about 3%) that are egotistical and misguided, but the great majority are decent and well-meaning.)

In no way can decades of information distortion and censorship be cleared up in any easy manner. The relationship between Stelans and Humans has gone through many challenges. Mistakes have been made. Good intentions have failed. Some Stelans have lost their way. Some Humans have deceived the public on UFO issues. We reiterate that if a situation appears, we should all apply intelligence and common sense, and to think of it as a human issue. Ask the right questions. Don't jump to conclusions. Innocent till proven guilty. These kinds of things. People who do not adhere to these basic conditions should be suspect for agency affiliation or are simply ignorant.

We wholeheartedly know that many high-level humans (eg politicians, militarists, agents) are fully aware of Stelans on or near the planet. They have instructions to censor the truth at all cost. Should they break protocol they would be breaking the law (eg treason); therefore, they will never make an official UFO disclosure statement unless their bosses remove their muzzles. Finally, should a surprise disclosure take place, it will be done in such a manner as to usurp power from the gullible and to use that to further control society. In other words, it is possible that these master controllers would make a disclosure if they could gain more from it than the Stelans. For example, "ET is here, but they have kidnapped the president's daughter and now we will use all our power to stop them."

Written by PARIS TOSEN